"The Feels" Podcast Mix

"The Feels" Podcast Mix

Alin Dimitriu

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Born and raised in a family involved with music for many generations, Alin Dimitriu was naturally drawn to it and started studying music at 6 years old.

After finishing music school (Dinu Lipatti Bucharest) moved to a quiet town in Transylvania and avoiding getting lost in the routine of a 9 to 5 job, started to compose original music for films, theater plays and collaborated with recording studios.

In 2005 slowly started to make the transition from a more classical music background to the electronic music scene and in 2007 started an electronic music label. Released music under own name, but also as part of “3 Liquid Hz” and under the alias “Ricky Ambilotti“. The alias tracks brought a few charted tracks and even a #1 Beatport in 2009, having been nominated as one of the 10 best artists / tracks in 2009 by the well known electronic music website.

In 2011 started working in sound design making sounds, sample packs and demo productions for the most reputable companies out there (Loopmasters, Beatport Sounds, Splice, ADSR, Native Instruments). Stepping up, since 2019 Alin Dimitriu is an in-house sound designer for Roland Japan / Roland Cloud making sounds and demos for their wide range of current or upcoming products.

The notable thing about Alin and his music is that it cannot be contained or defined as the ‘slave’ of one music genre. There are a few strong constants that will always be a part of his music and define him as an artist: the music is infused with feelings, melody and harmony and a general melancholic feel.
Unconventionality it’s felt in all the tracks in various proportions, the rhythm section is the same on the unconventional side and never been afraid to make and release bold tracks with personality rather than following the trends.

A musical harlequin that is inspired by anything and everything never planning something particular genre wise, so always expect the unexpected.

Apart from the constant production of new tracks, the near future next step is to get out there and perform for the people that listen his music.




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