The Glucose Expert: The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight Fast! Health Experts Are Wrong About Calorie Counting!

The Glucose Expert: The Only Proven Way To Lose Weight Fast! Health Experts Are Wrong About Calorie Counting!


About this episode

Poison or guilty pleasure, the REAL truth about sugar. 
Robert Lustig is a Professor of Paediatric Endocrinology and a public health expert on the impact of sugar on our health. He is the author of bestselling books such as, ‘Fat Chance’, ‘Metabolical’, and ‘The Hacking of the American Mind’. 
In this conversation, Robert and Steven discuss topics such as, how nearly 75% of grocery items have added sugar, that obesity rates have doubled, the health impacts of childhood obesity and how calorie counting doesn’t help you to lose weight. 

00:00 Intro
01:58 Our Minds Have Been Hacked!
05:03 What Dopamine Does to Your Brain
07:53 Sugar Is A Big Problem In Today’s Society
10:28 Why Sugar Is Poison To Our Bodies
11:08 The Difference Between Sugar and Fructose
14:53 This Is How Sugar Is Damaging Your Body
18:29 Damaging Effects on the Brain from Sugar Consumption
22:20 How the Food Industry Is Making You Eat Crazy Amounts of Sugar
25:05 Health Side Effects
27:12 Diet Coke, Saviour or Villain?
35:17 Sugar and the Impact on Our Organs
40:08 How Important Are Calories as a Way to Lose Weight?
43:47 Sugar Addiction, Stress, and Other Triggers
46:03 The Only Foods That Don't Contain Sugar
48:31 Food Labels Are Sending Wrong and Inaccurate Messages
50:16 Babies Are Born Fatter Than Before
51:30 Research on Children's Obesity
54:20 Insulin Resistance
56:00 Can We Reverse Diabetes?
58:34 What Is Leptin & How It’s Involved In Weight Loss
01:02:23 What Are Obesogens & How They Impact Our Health
01:03:31 The 3 Different Types of Fat You Should Be Worried About
01:09:34 Fruit Consumption… Good or Bad?
01:11:45 Environmental Chemicals That Make Us Fat
01:14:16 What Is an Endocrine Disruptor & How Can We Deal with Them?
01:17:11 How To Identify Real Food
01:22:20 The Importance of Fibre in Food
01:27:02 Personal Responsibility
01:34:50 Should the Government Get Involved?
01:39:40 Are We Being Lied To?
01:42:09 The Four C's for Contentment
01:47:19 What Is the Cause of All Our Health Problems?
01:49:46 Last Question
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