124: Build Your Legacy with Tenacity Aysleth Zeledon

124: Build Your Legacy with Tenacity Aysleth Zeledon

Daniel Gomez

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"If you feel Like you're unhappy and you're not where you want to be in life, and you feel like it's because of one particular person- first of all, look in the mirror because it might be you." -Aysleth Zeledon

We don't need a lot of money, a big house, or even much in the way of possessions to have a legacy. If we can find something we love and make it our life's work, then that's all anyone needs to know about our legacy. It's not what we possess— it's how much we enjoyed having them.

The best part about building our own legacy is that we know exactly what it is— it's us! We get to choose our own course through life and make things happen on our terms. 

But building our own legacy is not something we can do without effort. We have to keep pushing, keep going, and keep building upon what we've already accomplished. It's a lot of work and it takes a great amount of tenacity, but it's sure worth it! 

In this episode, Spiritual Life Coach and author, Aysleth Zeledon shares how she was able to build her legacy, even if it took her many years to realize them. Daniel and Aysleth also guide us through five steps that can help us build a name for ourselves: 1. knowing our worth, 2. setting time for self-care, 3. evaluating our closest circle, 4. finding the right mentor, and 5. building faith in the One who makes all things possible. 

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Episode Highlights:

04:05 Find Something You Like to Do 

10:24 Finding the Balance of Knowing Yourself

15:52 Unlearn and Relearn Yourself

19:39 Take Time for Self-Care  

24:40 Beware of Who You Keep Close to You 

27:55 Find the Right Mentor

30:58 Trust in the ONE Greater than the World