119: How to Cultivate an Elite Mindset with Curtis Mitchell, “Mr. 200”

119: How to Cultivate an Elite Mindset with Curtis Mitchell, “Mr. 200”

Daniel Gomez

About this episode

“Keeping that elite level mindset keeps me elite as a person.” -Curtis Mitchell

We're all in this world to be the best version of ourselves. But it’s a long and bewildering journey. It’s hard to know where to start, let alone how to succeed. 

But, we can learn a very valuable lesson from athletes. Elite athletes all have one thing in common: an elite mindset. The way elite athletes thinks about themselves and their goal helps them achieve greatness at whatever they do. They're the ones who seem to have it all—the drive, the mental toughness, and the will to win that is so strong it's almost inhuman.

We don't need to be an athlete to develop this mindset. We just need to develop our own unique set of beliefs to help us improve ourselves and reach our goals as well!

In this episode, Daniel sits with the 2014 USA National Champion, “Mr. 200”, Curtis Mitchell. Unlike other athletes, Curtis didn’t have a scholarship so had to practice harder than the others to prove himself. And finally all the hard work and discipline he put in paid off as he bagged medals after medals in his running career. 

Listen in as Daniel and Curtis discuss what having an elite mindset means and how to develop it. They also talk about how champions are made: loving the process, putting together the right team, training your mental powers, overcoming challenges, and how to stay grounded in your chosen path.  


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Episode Highlights:

03:08 Where the Elites Begin

07:59 Fall in Love with the Process— How? 

12:26 Put the Right Team Together

17:47  Train Your Mental Powers

21:34 Keep the Elite Mindset

25:22 Appreciate Your Blessings

30:42 No Challenge Too Big