115: Where Happiness Starts with Dwight Heck

115: Where Happiness Starts with Dwight Heck

Daniel Gomez

About this episode

 “Everybody on this planet is worthy of happiness. But you need to go out and do what it takes to be happy. And it starts with being kind to yourself and then being kind to others always.” -Dwight Heck


Money can buy us the things that will make our lives easier: clothes, food, shelter, and all sorts of other stuff that will help us do what we want to do with our time.


But money can also buy us things that will make our life harder: stress about how much money we have or don't have, worry about how we will pay off debt or save for retirement… the list goes on and on!


The more money we make, the more freedom and power we hold over our own life. We can make decisions based on what matters most to us, not based on other people's expectations or needs. But we should be cautious not to depend on money for our happiness. Rather, we should learn to put money in its proper place and view it as it is— an instrument that facilitates our lives.  


This week, Give a Heck Financials Founder, Dwight Heck joins Daniel for a timely conversation on financial health and happiness. Dwight raised his 5 children as a single dad with a job that made it even harder to survive the day-to-day. He felt helpless drowning in sleepless nights and desperation. 


Listen in as Dwight relates how he was able to rise from the dark he was in and get better at managing his finances. Daniel and Dwight also talk about how to plan a budget, how associations reflect our financial status, how we can have abundance despite global inflation, how our self-image affects our income, and how we can keep our joy and core values intact without being trapped in our pursuit of money. 



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Episode Highlights:

03:11 Breaking the Curse of Negative Zero

09:23 The Basics of Budgeting

11:50 Abundance Despite Inflation 

14:58 Association is Key

19:10 Grow Your Self-Image, Grow Your Income

25:17 How to Keep Going with Joy

30:20 Give a Heck!

35:28 Money Has No Personality

40:57 You are Worthy of Happiness