Thursday June 6 - Full Show

Thursday June 6 - Full Show

Radio America

About this episode

80th Anniversary of D-Day. Dana reflects on the history of that day and asks if there will be a commitment to keeping these stories alive as The Greatest Generation begins to dwindle in numbers. Dana explains how General Patton made the right moves while they were considered controversial at the time. Dana shares the story of an Irish post-mistress who helped the Allied forces navigate the weather for a successful liberation of France. General Patton displayed the true meaning of equality as opposed to how it is framed today. The Biden Administration tries to compare Normandy to Ukraine today in a political speech in front of WWII veterans. Biden tried to sit in a seat that didn’t exist. Dana shares The Story of Bill Millin, Lord Lovat’s Mad Piper of Sword Beach. A healthcare social media account in the UK claims that anyone can get ovarian cancer, regardless of gender identity.

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