Friday June 7 - Full Show

Friday June 7 - Full Show

Radio America

About this episode

Biden promises millions more for Ukraine and apologizes to President Zelenskyy. Hunter Biden gets exposed in court. Democrats claim that no one has to pay for canceling student debt. Controversy over  the newest Miss Alabama goes viral over her being obese. Should Trump seek revenge for those who prosecuted him if he wins The White House? The manifesto from the trans Nashville murderer is released. The Biden Administration admits he secretly shifted policy to allow US weapons inside of Russia. The US adds over 200,000 jobs in May mostly due to government work. Air conditioners will undergo significant changes in 2025 to help curb climate change. Texas Governor Greg Abbott joins us to push back on Biden’s executive order, explain the steps Texas has taken to significantly decrease illegal immigration, how they are fighting against the woke ESG policies from Blackrock and more.

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