'The Bottom Of It' with Joshua Moriarty

'The Bottom Of It' with Joshua Moriarty

Joshua Moriarty

About this podcast

At a time when music is at its most ubiquitous and supply is everywhere, what is it that drives artists to continue to create and do what they do?

‘The Bottom Of It’ is a podcast hosted by New Zealander Joshua Moriarty who is a musician, songwriter and performer for both Miami Horror & All The Colours. These candid conversations philosophise and muse over the music industry, the meaning of life, what art offers to the world, what being a creative gives back to the people of this planet and how to try and keep yourself sane in a world of entropy!

It’s also just a relaxed one-on-one chat between musicians with a host that has plenty of years experience and isn’t afraid to tackle any issue no matter how niche or ridiculous and have a laugh about it.




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