Navigating Breakups: Rebound Smarter, Stronger, and Confident (Toolbox)

Navigating Breakups: Rebound Smarter, Stronger, and Confident (Toolbox)

The Art of Charm

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In today’s episode, we cover breakups with AJ, Johnny, and Michael Herold. 

Breakups are painful whether you’re breaking up with someone or being broken up with, so what is the best way to handle a breakup, what is the worst thing you can do after a breakup, and what can you do to stand out in a sea of unlimited options when you start dating again?

What to Listen For

Introduction – 0:00

What damage is hookup culture doing to you and the people around you?

What is the worst thing you can do after a breakup?

What is the best way to handle a breakup?

Rejection can cause anger and lower IQ – 13:35

How does rejection affect your mental state?

What can you do to overcome your fear of rejection and start dating the people you’re attracted to?

Stand Out in the Modern Dating Market – 25:21 

What steps do you need to take to stand out from the crowd in a dating market of unlimited options?

How do you spark attraction on the first date?

What are some ways to effectively build a social circle?

Core Values and Dating – 40:13

Why do you need to identify your core values to be successful in dating and what can you do to figure out what your core values are?

How do you build a weekly routine that filters in high quality dating prospects?

Explore the ups and downs of dating in today's world! We dive deep into the pain of rejection and what it does to our brains, as well as the damage caused by breakups. We also discuss the best ways to build a successful social life and the importance of physical self-care. Join us as we share tips on how to stand out in a world with unlimited options and how to improve your online dating profile. We also touch on the power of weak ties and how they could be the key to finding your perfect match. 

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