"That Infertility Chic"

"That Infertility Chic"

Sharhonda Ford - Author | Speaker | Counselor | Coach

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On "That Infertility Chic" Podcast, Christian wife, Psychotherapist and Nationally Board Certified Counselor, Sharhonda L. Ford, takes you on her journey through Barren Land and Chasing Rainbows. Sharhonda proclaims, she is a "Hope Dispensing, Stigma Slaying Psychotherapist".You will hear stories from infertility to Mental Health and all things in between. Listen to how she became, "That Chic" (Childless Honored Important Chosen)"! Come meet "THAT Chic"! Whether you have been on the journey toward motherhood for some time or you are new to this journey of uncertainty this Podcast is for you. After almost 14 years suffering in silence, Sharhonda has decided to give silence a voice.Learn how to overcome versus be overwhelmed. Gain an understanding of how Infertility affects your Mental Health. Receive practical tips on navigating the journey with your loved ones. Silence the stigma of shame, guilt and defeat. Women who experience infertility are often alone. The questions of what's wrong with you or is there anything they can do become like daggers through your heart. The feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness are magnified. Sharhonda, takes your hand, whispers in your ear that infertility does not define you and says, YOU HAVE VALUE REGARDLESS! Sharhonda is FINALLY pumped with No bump. Learning to live in your passion and purpose is available here. Freedom is available here. Break free from the paralyzing and debilitating lies that infertility has created for you and your Mental Health. It's time. NOW IS THE TIME TO BE FREE. Free from pain, shame, isolation, silence, insecurity, inadequacy, hopelessness, despair, depression, anxiety and the powerful emotions that bind you! BE FREE and realize that it is OK to be THAT CHIC (Childless - Honored - Important - Chosen). If you ask Sharhonda how she feels about infertility, she will tell you - "I'm THAT Chic and I'm FINALLY good with that. If you are looking for a Moment of H.O.P.E. (Help Overcoming Powerful Emotions) then that moment is here. Come here Sharhonda and guest share their stories. Be empowered. Be encouraged. Be free.



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