"Who Is This?" by Evangelist Nikkie Green

"Who Is This?" by Evangelist Nikkie Green

The Women of CCAF Columbus

About this episode

Are you Courageous?

How are you Confident?

When are you Armed?

Where have you been Fearless?

The CCAF Women are going in strides as they strive to be women of God, strong and effective for the Body of Christ. As a CCAF Women, you are courageous, confident, armed and fearless. Stand in victory, because God has not forgotten you. Each speaker has yielded a fine measure of inspiration. If you haven't checked it out, do it right now... you're going to love it. Avail yourself to Season 2: Episode 2 with Evangelist Nikkie Green of #TeaTimeThursdays. Creativity is what's flavoring this cup of encouragement. Be you, Sis! (snaps)  #encouragement Listen in and take notes. Be blessed.