Jonny Fry / James Tylee of Digital Bytes by Team Blockchain on Cyber.FM featuring Chris Luck at Partner at CMS Law

Jonny Fry / James Tylee of Digital Bytes by Team Blockchain on Cyber.FM featuring Chris Luck at Partner at CMS Law

Jonny Fry / James Tylee

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Welcome to this week’s Digital Bytes which as articles on the following topics:

Blockchain and copyright: is the recent brouhaha over Boarded Apes just monkey business? - Andy Rosen has had a highly successful career as a professional photographer in London and Hollywood. He has been a builder of a blockchain-based app who has also analysed and traded cryptos for over six years. This article gives his thoughts on how he believes blockchain technology can help in relation to copyright protection and what is happening with one of the most valuable collections of NFTs - Bored Apes.

Challenges in bridging the institutional divide between TradFi and DeFi -Traditional Finance (TradFi) needs to evolve and adapt to embrace Decentralised Finance (DeFi). Two key challenges exist: firstly, to ensure that the regulation of DeFi has the same, if not better, standards than TradFi whilst being able to harmonise different jurisdictions' regulatory approaches and secondly, blockchain technology makes data potentially more transparent and available but it is fundamental to understand what gaps there are in the data.

How blockchain technology and the metaverse are helping the mental health sector - facemasks and hand sanitisers are not the only things popularised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Mental health became a topic most could relate to during this time as many people’s mental well-being was affected in one way or the other. Both blockchain technology and the metaverse are proving to be able to offer some solutions to growing mental health sector issues. Caution is needed, however, as potential over-use of the virtual lands within the metaverse could exacerbate mental health challenges in the same way in which social media platforms have done so already.

Tokenisation as a solution A summary of a recent webinar by Chris Luck, a partner at CMS law, that considered the benefits and examples of how digital assets are evolving and technology is being applied in the sector. The webinar addressed some important questions, is the recent crypto news volatility a game-changer? Will tokenisation of assets and digital technology continue to grow if so how, and is technology and regulation in a better shape?