592 - "The Break-upisode," with Kyle Thiermann

592 - "The Break-upisode," with Kyle Thiermann

Chris Ryan

About this episode

Kyle Thiermann first made headlines as a teenager when he released a YouTube video detailing how Bank of America was one of the largest financiers of dirty energy worldwide. This video garnered international media attention, landed him on the stage at TEDx, and caused people to move significant sums of money out of B of A and into local banks around the country.Through his 20s, Thiermann worked at Discovery Digital Networks as a writer and on-camera host. His work has appeared in Men’s Health Magazine, SURFER Magazine, and Outside Magazine.

A few years ago, Kyle and I came up with an idea for making environmental activism fun (and funny), and thus was born The Motherfucker Awards, a red-carpet event where the worst polluters were recognized for their outstanding contributions to fucking Mother Nature.Thiermann also worked as Head of Editorial and Senior Copywriter at MUD\WTR, a brand known for its irreverent marketing and distinct tone. While there, he launched Trends w/ Benefits, a storytelling platform that focused on psychedelics and mental health.As a Patagonia-sponsored surfer he continues to use his travel opportunities to cover environmental issues around the world, interviewing all sorts of folks on his podcast The Kyle Thiermann Show.

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Here’s a link to the story Kyle tells about Derek Sivers riding his bike with just a little less effort, and a lot more enjoyment.

This will give you some sense of my own haircut debacle:

The vid, if you wanna see Kyle’s haircut:

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