Talent Showcase Africa Podcast

Talent Showcase Africa Podcast

About this podcast

Welcome to the Talent Showcase Africa podcast. My name is JOETT, and I’m the official
voice coach on TalentShowcaseAfrica.com. My fellow panelists are radio curator Collin
Mogagabe from Namibia’s Nam Radio and record producer/radio host Delani
Makhalima from South Africa.

In the next 15 minutes we’ll play the first 30 seconds of your submitted tracks with the
option to go extra time to 60 seconds; and we’ll give you professional feedback right
here on the show. If we like your track and it makes our pick-of-the-day playlist, we’ll
play the entire track in all its glory at the end of show.
And for those artists that make the grade, I will offer you FREE vocal coaching via
Skype, so you can rerecord a deluxe version of your song for radio rotation and
NOMINATION for the Djooky Music Awards Global Song Contest.

To submit your tracks, simply send an email to podcast@TalentShowcaseAfrica.com



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