Episode #9: 2023 Student Voice Poetry Contest winners

Episode #9: 2023 Student Voice Poetry Contest winners


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(01:08) Rylee, 5th grade, Kamuela, Hawaii, “Where I Come From”

Rylee’s poem is about learning, her experience at school, the places she’s traveled and history about her island.

(03:44) Brooklyn, 5th grade, Lincoln, Nebraska, “Our Class is Like”

Brooklyn was inspired by a time she created craft animals at Easter, and they reminded her of her class.

(05:39) Alina, 5th grade, Gulliver Prep Miami, Florida, “Our School is Cool”

Alina’s poem takes listeners through a day of school, starting in the morning until she finishes her homework.

(07:28) Levi, 4th grade, Kamuela, Hawaii, “Where I Come From”

His creative writing teacher, Mrs. Leahey, inspired him to write this poem about his Hawaiian culture, family and school friends.

(11:14) Savannah, 7th grade, Spartanburg, South Carolina, “What the World Gives”

Savannah’s poem is about the fear and anxiety felt about school shootings.

(12:25) Bella, 7th grade, Spartanburg, South Carolina “School Years”

Bella has written several poems about social anxiety and depression, finding it helpful to put her feelings into writing and artwork.

(16:05) Bella (Isabella), 7th grade, "Camaraderie," Florence, Alabama

Bella was inspired by her love of sports and the friends she has made along the way.

(20:36) Violet, 8th grade, New Glarus, Wisconsin, "Unachieved, Achievable, Unachievable"

Violet’s poem is about trying not to stress about eighth grade.

(23:53) Ifeoluwapo, 8th grade, New York, New York, "Where I am From"

According to Ifeoluwapo, this poem is about “what makes me me,” including Nigerian culture.

(26:45) Arielle, 8th grade, Bethesda, Maryland, "To Tell the World"

Arielle’s poem follows her journey through her last year in middle school, starting with apprehension and finding her voice as time went on.

(28:50) Hayden, 8th grade, Batesville, Arkansas, "Reality . . . Death . . .2023"

Hayden’s poem is about society and the hateful words that hurt people’s feelings.

(31:55) Avery, 8th grade, Essex Junction, Vermont, “My People”

Avery’s poem is about why friends are so meaningful while navigating through school.

(33:01) Anixia, 11th grade, Gonzales, California, "To Be a Junior"

Anixia’s poem is about being overwhelmed junior year by AP classes, extra-curricular activities and preparing for college.

(35:24) Mika, high school student, Alberta, Canada, "Escaping the Prison"

Mika wrote about why moving to Alberta felt like escaping a prison due to previous mental abuse and school challenges.

(40:49) Weeam, year 8, Hamilton, New Zealand, “A Little Spark”

Weeam’s poem is about the little spark that brings hope even during times of struggle.

(42:09) Natalia, year 6, Auckland, New Zealand, “What is it like being a student in 2023?”

Natalia was inspired by her teacher to write a poem about her final year in primary school.

(44:03) Aasiyah, year 4, Auckland, New Zealand, “A Poem”

Aasiyah loves writing and learning and was inspired to put her feelings into a poem.

(44: 58) Bryanna, grade 12, Alberta, Canada, "The Test"

Bryanna’s poem is about the stress and nervousness felt when preparing for and taking a test.

(45:58) Chiara, grade 9, Ontario, Canada, "In a Room Full of People"

Chiara’s poem is about seeking help and the people who can pull you out of low moments.

(52:33) Ashlyn, grade 9, Alberta, Canada, "Happiness is Blue"

Ashlyn wrote her poem during winter and was inspired by thoughts of summer and the chance to spend time with friends and family.