Episode #13: Student podcasters building community and inclusivity

Episode #13: Student podcasters building community and inclusivity


About this episode

1:02: This episode features a group of students from the Equi-Talks podcast team in Ontario, Canada, who discuss the purpose of their podcast. They explain that Equi-Talks aims to address important topics, support the school community, and engage in activities to make a positive impact.

2:00: They describe their efforts in fundraising for their sister school in Kenya, where they have raised over $600 to provide essential resources like gutters and tanks for clean water.

2:51: The students reflect on the impact of their actions, expressing pride in contributing to global causes and helping individuals achieve their dreams. They emphasize the importance of building community, addressing bullying, and promoting inclusivity, sharing insights from podcast episodes where they interviewed students of different ages to understand various perspectives.

7:24: The discussion extends to the role of technology in mental health, with students acknowledging the risks of excessive screen time and its potential impact on loneliness and well-being. They discuss strategies for managing screen time and the importance of balancing technology use with outdoor activities and social interaction.

17:03: The students also express appreciation for their teachers, recognizing their support and dedication to nurturing their growth. They emphasize the significance of treating everyone with respect and kindness and advocating for inclusivity and understanding in school communities.