Episode #12: Digital citizenship is my superpower

Episode #12: Digital citizenship is my superpower


About this episode

1:05 A fifth grade winner explains their video project for the contest. They were inspired by their family and wanted to teach their younger sisters about digital safety.

2:08 The fifth grade student says that you should only use social media for a short amount of time because too much is not good for your health. They also only use electronic devices for one hour a day outside of school.

04:12 The fifth grade student gives advice about keeping your devices safe with strong passwords.

05:24 The fifth grade student discusses cyberbullying.

07:00 The fifth grade student explains what phishing is.

12:55 Bella talks about her winning song entry for the contest about how to be safe online.

13:48 Bella gives advice about how to protect yourself from people you don’t know online.

14:38 Bella discusses why digital citizenship is important.

14:59 Bella talks about what teachers need to know about what it’s like for seventh graders to be online.

16:45 Peyton shares why the digital world is not a safe place.

17:26 Peyton talks about why laws and copyright are important and how to follow the laws.

19:55 Amy explains her winning infographic digital citizenship entry and why it’s your responsibility to stay safe online.

21:33 Joseph discusses why he chose a video for the contest.

22:10 Joseph gives digital citizenship advice, such as creating passwords, using privacy settings and creating screen names.

24:11 Joseph talks about why digital citizenship is important to him.

25:15 Joseph shares digital citizenship instruction tips for teachers.