Stories of Men: Beneath the Surface

Stories of Men: Beneath the Surface

Alex Melia & Fascinate Productions

About this podcast

Traditional ideas of masculinity are dead, and now men struggle to find their place in the world. In Stories of Men, Alex Melia speaks to men who’ve overcome challenging circumstances to find out what they’ve learned about being a man in today’s world.

Alex Melia is a businessman and podcaster. From humble beginnings in Greater Manchester, he built a business which now employs over 30 people. Ten years in, and the company sustains him without his involvement. He now travels the world on a mission to uncover what it means to live an independent and meaningful life - and wants to help others from similar backgrounds do the same.

This podcast was previously Our Voices. We switched to sharpen our focus on where we can make a bigger difference.
The 9 seasons we covered were:
1: Our Voices in the NHS
2: Our Voices at the Olympics
3: Our Voices Through Lockdown
4: Our Voices on Climate Change
5: Our Voices on Racism in the UK
6: Our Voices Celebrating Women in the UK
7: Our Voices on Living With Disability
8: Our Voices Role Models
9: Our Voices on Men & Masculinity



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