Landmark Legislation: a Discussion About the PACT Act with Jon Stewart

Landmark Legislation: a Discussion About the PACT Act with Jon Stewart


About this episode

A little more than a month has passed since the landmark legislation of the PACT Act was signed into law by President Biden at the White House. It was a much-celebrated win for many of the VSOs and for veteran advocates who worked hard for so long to get a bill passed in Congress to finally award veterans the benefits and care they need after suffering for so long with the effects of toxic exposure during their military service.


Recently, Host Rob Couture had the unique opportunity to host and moderate a discussion on the PACT Act with Director of National Legislative Service, Pat Murray, Assistant Director of National Legislative Service Kristina Keenan, and veteran advocate and comedian Jon Stewart.

Jon Stewart, veteran advocate, comedian, and host of Apple TV's The Problem with Jon Stewart, Pat Murray, Director of National Legislative Service, and Kristina Keenan, Assistant Director, National Legislative Service


    Jon shares his thoughts on 9/11 and the brave men and women who continue to be affected by the event. [2:31]


    Jon answers Rob’s questions about the unity and focus of Americans since 9/11. [5:40]


    Kristina was surprised at the time it took to tackle toxic exposure issues for veterans from Vietnam to today. [7:24]


    Along with an inspiring grassroots effort by veterans, Pat was instrumental in solidifying multiple pieces of toxic exposure legislation into the PACT Act. [10:12]


    Jon, Kristina, and Pat describe how the advocates circumvented the processes in place designed to delay or deny what veterans needed. [28:15]


    Kristina and Pat share the emotional release felt when the legislation finally became law. [38:15]


    What the VFW can do to ensure the bill is implemented swiftly and correctly. [45:29]


    Kristina shares her final thoughts on toxic exposure legislation. [47:53]


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