STATE of AFFAIRS - The African Diaspora

STATE of AFFAIRS - The African Diaspora

R. H Killdare

About this podcast

"STATE OF AFFAIRS - The African Diaspora" is a weekly podcast dedicated to exploring news, current events, culture, history, and challenges within the global African Diaspora. Our mission is to inform, empower, and unite listeners by showcasing diverse narratives and perspectives from around the world.

Podcast Concept:

    Title: STATE OF AFFAIRS - The African Diaspora

    Format: Weekly episodes (30-60 minutes) featuring expert interviews, panel discussions, and storytelling segments.

    Themes: News, current events, culture, history, challenges, achievements, and contributions of the African Diaspora.

    Target Audience: Global diaspora communities, cultural enthusiasts, policymakers, educators, and anyone interested in African heritage and diaspora affairs.


    Inform: Provide insightful and accurate coverage of news and events impacting the African Diaspora.

    Empower: Inspire unity, pride, and engagement within diaspora communities worldwide.

    Connect: Foster meaningful dialogue and connections across continents and cultures.




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