Chill Episode 🌴 Kickback w/ Some New (Licensed) Music

Chill Episode 🌴 Kickback w/ Some New (Licensed) Music

The Mystic Man

About this episode

Had a bit too much of the compromised-mainstream media jargon? That's okay, me too. Let's just kick back and chill for this episode yeah!

Here I just chill with you for a moment, shoot the hoops and we listen to some brand new tunes I bought licensing for. If you like hip-hop then you'll like this episode because these songs are instrumentals! Join in and rap over them if you like. Just don't try to sell the songs lol, because then that would be a copyright infringement which is now a 10 year prison sentence! Crazy right? 

Luckily I have always stayed with licensing and everything on my podcast is either licensed or kept within the restrictions of Fair Use. 

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