Halfway through a #SoWizards season with Troy Haliburton

Halfway through a #SoWizards season with Troy Haliburton

Kevin Broom



About this episode

Just past the midway point, the Wizards are bumbling through what's likely to be the worst season in franchise history. To discuss the biggest issues the team faces as they attempt to rebuild, I invited on veteran Wizards observer and reporter, Troy Haliburton.

We began with a couple big NBA stories — the Milwaukee Bucks firing newly hired head coach Adrian Griffin, and the Miami Heat trading for Terry Rozier.

Then we talked Wizards, touching on:

    Jordan Poole
    Wes Unseld Jr. and the coaching staff
    Michael Winger, Will Dawkins and the front office
    Bilal Coulibaly
    what the Wizards will do at the trade deadline

This was a fun conversation between a couple long-time Wizards analysts and reporters who don't agree on everything.

Make sure to check out Troy's excellent Substack.


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