S2E4 - Climbing

S2E4 - Climbing

Tal Minear | Realm

About this episode

Someone Dies In This Elevator - Climbing
Rating: R.

It’s every man for himself. This episode contains violence, murder, depiction of a plague (viral transmission), and death in an elevator.
Transcript here.

The trailer at the end of this episode is for Human Error. Set in an apocalyptic version of 2033, ‘Human Error’ follows a young adult named Billie as they travel across South Central Texas where society has fallen to hordes of zombie-like creatures called Errors. Having lost their own family and friends to death and tragedy, Billie takes refuge with a group of other survivors seeking safety and a cure for Errors. But Billie has more in common with the Errors than they’d like to admit to their companions.

This episode was written by Jesse Schuschu and directed by Ezra J. Wayne. Script editing by Colin Kelly-Rodriguez. Dialogue editing by Newton Schottelkotte and sound design by Colin Kelly-Rodriguez. Music by Ali Hylton. Executive produced by Tal Minear. Episode artwork by Tal Minear.

Starring: Bradley Green as Marcus. Samya De Meo as Stella. Ariel Hack and Stephen Indrisano as Newscasters. Leslie Gideon as the voice of the elevator.

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