S2E3 - The Flying Chair

S2E3 - The Flying Chair

Tal Minear | Realm

About this episode

Someone Dies In This Elevator - The Flying Chair
Rating: PG-13.

Based on the true story of Anne Henriette of France. This episode contains sickness (tuberculosis), and death in an elevator. 
Transcript here.

The trailer at the end of this episode is for The Night Post, an audio drama podcast about the conscripted couriers of a city at odds with the ancient, arcane frontier that surrounds it. What begins as Milo’s search for his missing husband becomes the couriers’ journey to save themselves and uncover the secrets of the organization that chose them.

This episode was written and directed by A. R. Olivieri. Script editing by Jesse Schuschu. Dialogue editing by A. R. Olivieri and sound design by Tal Minear. Music by Roshan Singh. Executive produced by Tal Minear. Episode artwork by Tal Minear.

Starring: Beth Eyre as Anne Henriette, Evan Tess Murray as Louis-Philippe, Tau Zaman as King Louis XV, and D. J. Sulvis as Reginald.

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