S2E2 - Returning Home

S2E2 - Returning Home

Tal Minear | Realm

About this episode

Someone Dies In This Elevator - Returning Home
Rating: PG-13.

Returning home can mean leaving another, sometimes. This episode contains assisted suicide for an elder, and death in an elevator. 
Transcript here.

The trailer at the end of this episode is for Party of One, an actual-play podcast focused on two-player roleplaying experiences. Every week, host Jeff Stormer sits down with friends for a two-player game to have some laughs, maybe a few tears, and a really good time. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

This episode was written by D. J. Sylvis and directed by Evan Tess Murray. Script editing by Jesse Schuschu. Dialogue editing by Cole Burkhardt and sound design by Brad Colbroock. Music by Trace Callahan. Executive produced by Tal Minear. Episode artwork by Tal Minear.

Starring: Caroline Mincks as Dolia. David S. Dear as Grey. Sena Bryer as the voice of the announcements.

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