Storyteller Amber Williams from on Black Biz

Storyteller Amber Williams from on Black Biz

Mr. Mike Street

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In a post-Obama era where Blacks in America are still proclaiming "Black as the new Black," it's continuously surprising to see Black-owned businesses shy away from serving their own people. What European brands do so intently and without apology by showcasing imagery of only European models - Black businesses steer clear of such displays for fear of "limiting themselves."

Storyteller Amber Williams is at the forefront of the move to dispel this myth of limitation by pushing Black businesses towards more sophisticated-unapologetic branding. Her platform Punky Flair is a brand storytelling agency that teaches Founders and CEOs how to improve their sales through stories built around their true customers. Amber has crafted brand language for Armani, CVS, The U.S Olympics and now she uses her talents to service black owned startups such as Camille Rose Naturals, Heat Free Hair, and Shea Radiance.

Amber's aim is to shift the idea of merely "buying Black" to "serving Black.”