Ep.51 - The Making of 'Breaking the Silence' with Teagan McLaren

Ep.51 - The Making of 'Breaking the Silence' with Teagan McLaren

Nancy Morris, Teagan McLaren

About this episode

In this remarkable episode, we are joined by the brilliant Teagan McLaren who brings a profound sense of connection through her music. The conversation revolves around the liberation that comes from expressing ourselves and the encouragement Teagan's latest song provides to those who are navigating their own challenging experiences. The exchange highlights the transformative power of sharing our stories and the emotional resonance that music, like Teagan's, can deliver.


From the rich conversations that led to the songwriting process to the meaningful interactions with fans, this episode dives into the making of Teagan's song "Breaking the Silence." Highlighting significant discussions around sibling sexual abuse (SSA) and the universal theme of overcoming trauma, the episode carries an inspiring message of hope and empowerment. Teagan's insights bring depth to the understanding of how music can be both a personal cathartic journey and a catalyst for broader societal awareness, encouraging us to voice our stories to enact change.


Key Takeaways:

- After meeting Teagan McLaren at a networking event in 2019, Nancy commissioned her to craft an uplifting song that would connect with and inspire listeners, especially those affected by sibling sexual abuse and other traumas. From that meeting came "Breaking the Silence" which captures personal narratives and the struggle to overcome silence.

- Despite not having experienced sibling sexual abuse personally, Teagan drew from her own life traumas and empathic understanding to create a song that resonates.

- The song's universal appeal lies in its ability to capture the essence of shared human experiences, encouraging listeners to break their silence and join a collective wave of awareness.

- Teagan hopes the song will empower individuals to speak out, move forward from their past traumas, and realize that they are not alone in their experiences.


In this episode:

0:00:00 Teagan wants people to feel connected and empowered by her song.

0:01:12 Nancy shares her first impression of Teagan's music and their initial meeting.

0:03:02 Nancy commissions Teagan to write a song for the #SiblingsToo podcast.

0:04:24 Teagan starts writing the song, focusing on the theme of breaking the silence.

0:09:33 The stop-start process of completing the song was beneficial for Teagan's songwriting.

0:11:47 Teagan's empathetic nature allows her to connect with the emotions of others' stories.

0:13:21 Teagan connects her personal experiences with trauma to Nancy's story

0:14:11 Nancy discusses the importance of breaking the silence and how it can help others

0:16:50 Teagan shares a story of a friend who opened up about their trauma after hearing the song

0:18:11 Nancy talks about the impact of the song and how it resonates with survivors of different traumas

0:20:06 Teagan expresses her struggle with performing the song live and finding the right delivery

0:23:32 Nancy praises the lyrics of the song, particularly verse three, and its message of letting go of self-blame

0:25:26 Teagan discusses the creative choices she made in the song to emphasize certain lyrics

0:26:04 Nancy discusses the commonality of trauma and the impact it has on individuals.

0:28:10 Nancy asks Teagan what she would like to see the song achieve.

0:29:07 Teagan hopes the song will encourage people to speak up about their experiences and seek support.

0:29:59 Nancy and Teagan discuss the importance of connecting with others through music and how it can help people feel less alone.

0:30:58 Teagan explains her approach to songwriting and how she aims to create songs that resonate with a wide audience.

0:32:33 Teagan shares a personal story about a song she wrote that had a different meaning for someone else, highlighting the power of interpretation.

0:35:10 Nancy expresses her appreciation for the song and how it helps her communicate her experiences to others, including her husband.

0:36:32 Teagan shares her hope that the song will resonate with and help others who have experienced trauma.

0:37:27 Nancy thanks Teagan for her work on the song and believes it will be well-received by her audience.

0:39:53 Breaking The Silence – full version


Notable Quotes:


- "It's so liberating to feel like you're not alone, to know that you're not alone." - Teagan McLaren

- "It's all about breaking the silence about sibling sexual abuse." - Teagan reflecting the podcast host's mission

- "I barely remember before the walls were built." - A key lyric capturing the impact of traumatic experiences

- "I'm breaking the silence coming off of my island and joining in the rising tide." - Lyrics symbolizing the act of reaching out and healing

- "Too long I blamed myself... nothing I could have done would have changed a thing." - Expressing a turning point of self-forgiveness in overcoming trauma




- Teagan McLaren's website: [www.teaganmclaren.com](http://www.teaganmclaren.com)

- Lyric video of Breaking the Silence on YouTube - https://youtu.be/ZA90ZNSpSwI?si=fOqmPhDXqglnSiiX


About Teagan:

Teagan McLaren is a talented singer-songwriter known for her heartfelt music and captivating melodies. With a knack for crafting songs that resonate with listeners' emotions, Teagan's original music often reflects the lived experiences of herself and those within her circle, including friends and family. She has a history of engaging audiences with not only her music but also the stories behind her compositions. Teagan's approach to songwriting demonstrates a deep level of empathy and understanding of various life experiences, giving her the ability to connect with her audience on a personal level. As an advocate for speaking up and addressing personal and societal issues through her art, Tegan's music embodies the powerful act of breaking the silence on difficult subjects.


We encourage everyone to listen to the full episode to experience the full depth and impact of the conversation with Teagan McLaren. Stay tuned for more powerful and enlightening content from this series that sheds light on important issues and the healing power of sharing our stories.



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