Seven Deadly Sinners

Seven Deadly Sinners

Rachael O'Brien | Morbid Network | Wondery

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Sinners are often people who believe they deserve every little thing they desire, and hurting others along the way…well that’s just road kill.  On a small scale it’s scary, but on the scale these people have done it it’s down right evil.
Preachers, church, your faith are your most trusted source of comfort…but what happens when that world is shattered…
Season 1 of Seven Deadly Sinners took on the world of Televangelists and cultish child sexual predator, Warren Jeffs. 
Seasons 2 and 3 of Seven Deadly Sinners, we’re traveling to the depths of hell, expanding our realm and covering Preachers, Cult Leaders and Religious Organizations linked to horrific crimes...and some of these cases involve leaders who kidnap, rape and murder the ones who trust them the most.   
What if, after leading you in prayer, he lures to the bedroom. 
What it the same preacher who captures your heart, kidnaps your child.
What if, the priest serving you communion used those same hands to dispose of a corpse.
These Preachers committed heinous crimes - right under …your…. nose.. - with a bible next to their bed - and a cross around their neck. 
Rachael O’Brien is the host of Seven Deadly Sinners, and she guides you on this hellish journey of deception all under the guise of Faith. Subscribe and listen on @applepodcasts  Now Let’s close our eyes, bow our heads and buckle up.



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