#Seriously Social with Simone Douglas

#Seriously Social with Simone Douglas

IBGR onAir Talent Simone Douglas

About this podcast

Seriously social is your weekly hour of jam packed practical tips to maximise your reach and your impact with your current and potential customers in a way that connects and turns them into advocates for your business. Packed full of practical tips, amusing anecdotes and personal experiences Simone your host for the hour will deliver an amusing entertaining and pragmatic look at what it takes to solidify and continue your business growth in the world of sales and marketing.

So who is Simone Douglas? She is a Publican, and Executive Director for one of the biggest organisations in the world and the driving force behind South Australia’s leading social media agency.

Just when you thought she couldn’t do anymore, Simone Douglas decided to write a couple of books and take on a global radio show, its just how she rolls. You can join her weekly from 10am Sydney time to step out of the white noise and learn how to speak human in a world full of robots.

Each episode has additional written information your might find helpful. Here is a complete listing of Show Notes. Want to continue the conversation? Add your thoughts in the comments section available at the bottom of each page of notes on the site. Simply click "read more" and let's get the conversations started!

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