SLAY Episode 62: Roach Clip

SLAY Episode 62: Roach Clip

Scott Sigler

About this episode

Lincoln got himself in a whole heapin’ helpin’ of trouble. He started a fight at Stoolie’s bar, got his ass whooped, then sucker-punched Finish The Job Johnson, which got Lincoln’s ass thrown into a gutter, where Basil Beverly — second in command of the Bastion — and his socius Rochelle Kolar tried to bring Lincoln in for questioning regarding the kidnapping of Delilah Droman.
Can Billy and Dragon keep Lincoln from being carted away?

Created by Scott Sigler and Rob Otto

Written and performed by Scott Sigler

Production Assistance by Allie Press

Copyright 2024 by Empty Set Entertainment 

Theme music is the song “They’re Watching Me” by SUPERWEAPON.

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