SLAY Episode 61: Follow The Pain

SLAY Episode 61: Follow The Pain

Scott Sigler

About this episode

Lincoln went looking for a fight at Stoolie’s Bar and Grille. He found one. He intends to “follow the pain” and get Booty Shooty and Lupo to reveal the location of Teddy Two-Fingers.
Delilah’s training continues. She’s learned how to feed the thirty-two kids held captive in Teddy’s nightmare factory. She’s learned how to harvest filament from the parasitic dreamgaunts. Now, it’s time for her to learn how to change the children’s nightmares, how to make them even worse. 
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Created by Scott Sigler and Rob Otto

Written and performed by Scott Sigler

Production Assistance by Allie Press

Copyright 2024 by Empty Set Entertainment 

Theme music is the song “They’re Watching Me” by SUPERWEAPON.

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