SLAY Episode 56: Babysitters

SLAY Episode 56: Babysitters

Scott Sigler

About this episode

Kellius Droman found out where Teddy Two-Fingers had been hiding. Lincoln demanded to go with Droman to whoop some ass, but Droman refused to take Lincoln with him. Instead, he ordered Lincoln to go to his mansion to protect his daughter, Delilah. 
Already distraught after seeing his son, Sam, on The Shelf, Lincoln grew despondent. As Droman magicked away to battle Teddy, Lincoln gave up. He downed a bottle of bourbon and headed for the mansion.
Billy, feeling terrible for his friend, tagged along to give Lincoln moral support.

Created by Scott Sigler and Rob Otto

Written and performed by Scott Sigler

Production Assistance by Allie Press

Copyright 2024 by Empty Set Entertainment 

Theme music is the song “They’re Watching Me” by SUPERWEAPON.

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