'Saving Grace'

'Saving Grace'

Grace Kelly

About this podcast

The ‘Saving Grace’ podcast is about finding just that, our ‘Saving Grace’ in each day. Teaching is an incredibly rewarding yet demanding job, and I personally believe there is a direct link between the wellbeing of the teacher and the children in our care. This podcast is an insight into the education world, focusing on staff and student wellbeing and personal development, discussing pressures that exist within and outside of our jobs which can have a subconscious impact on our holistic performance. Throughout this podcast, I will be joined by amazing guests who are doing inspiring things in the world of education and personal development and those who have a personal story to tell. I hope when people listen, they will learn and become inspired by what they hear and realise the abundance we have within ourselves to change our current realities, our school communities, our classroom environments and our lives, because a 'well school' and emotionally intelligent classroom starts with us!




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