Social Dilemmas #1

Social Dilemmas #1

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#rtbth introduces a new segment to the podcast - Social Dilemmas.
The concept came up when discussing in the group chat the Theranos scandal and Elizabeth Holmes' sentencing. Some of us think it's pretty harsh - imagine being put in prison for 11 years for lying (perpetually) to a bunch of rich old white men seduced by a charismatic young (college dropout) fake genius. Holmes wasn't convicted of fraud to consumers - for providing false readings of blood tests. She was only convicted of defrauding investors.
Some of us think the proper punishment for Holmes and similar egregious fraudsters who induce this level of societal harm is .... the death penalty.
The social dilemma? - Is prison right/fair for a non-violent criminal whose crime is mostly lying to a bunch of rich, powerful people? Or is the societal harm caused by fraud at this level so damaging that the only option is to (gulp) eliminate the fraudster? Given the recent revelations of the massive fraud committed by former CEO of FTX, SBF, the discussion is rather salient.
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