#20: The Last Mojo

#20: The Last Mojo


About this episode

A beloved cultural artifact has disappeared. The only way to find it, of course, is through podcasting. So Richard embarks on a journey to uncover the whereabouts of a long-lost pizzeria commercial from the 1990s known as “The Last Mojo.”




Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III.


Voices in the episode, in order of appearance: Fernando Lopez, Oscar Rodriguez Zapata, Xitlalic Guijosa-Osuna, Patrick Lowry, Kenneth Gal, Alan Stamm, and Cindy Staats. Special thanks to Collette Brooks from Big Imagination Group, Dai from Shakey’s, and all at Univision and The University of Miami Cuban Heritage Collection.


Our logo is by James Braithwaite. Most of the music and underscore in this episode is by Jonathan Snipes of clipping. The riff from “Enter Sandman” by Metallica is by Metallica. The Serial theme song is by Nick Thorburn. Orchestral cues, and ad music, by Van Dyke Parks. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson.


The Peeklay would like to thank the following members of the RFFP Slow Crewe for their help with this episode: Caitlin Esch, David Weinberg, Ian Chillag, Eli Horowitz, Russell Quinn, Benjamin Riskin, Cesar Hernandez, Tom Gorman, and Gab Chabran.


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