#16: The Case Of The Cucumber Song

#16: The Case Of The Cucumber Song


About this episode

The first installment of "Peeklay Private Eye"! In an effort to subsidize his highly-produced passion-project food podcast, former newsman and podcast personality Peeklay Brinestein accepts work-for-hire cases from the public. (Expenses paid, of course.) His first case? Investigating the meaning of an old British tune about a cucumber called "A Little Bit Of Cucumber," performed over 100 years ago, by a singer named Harry Champion. But WHO was Harry Champion? And WHY a cucumber? A classic mystery. He couldn't have realized when he took it on, he was entering a cross-cultural double-entendre multiverse! From the "music hall" genre, to the Beatles, and beyond — join Peeklay Brinestein on this cuke-caper and his first investigation as a budding PI.

Richard’s Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. All mustachio'd pickle logos are by James Braithwaite.

Do you have an investigation for the mustachio’d pickle? Just call our tipster’s hotline at 323-813-6634. If your tip makes the mustachio’d pickle twirl his little mustache with intrigue, Peeklay Brinestein will investigate your mystery on a future episode. That’s 323-81-FOOD-4. Call today.

"Peeklay Private Eye" is a Richard's Famous production. Richard Parks III and the mustachio'd pickle logo appear courtesy of Richard's Famous Food Podcast.

Appearing in this episode: Richard (as Peeklay Brinestein), Russell Quinn (The Manager), Peter Charlton (historian for the British Music Hall Society), and Paul DuNoyer (author and music journalist).

Music in this episode includes "A Little Bit Of Cucumber" and "Timothy Let's Have A Look," performed by Harry Champion, "Going Down On Love," written by Dr. Winston O'Ghurkin and performed by John Lennon, and "Hey Bulldog" by the Beatles. Our lush underscore was provided by an anonymous benefactor.

Special thanks to Ian Chillag, Caitlin Esch, Elizabeth Parks Kibbey, David Weinberg, Nick White, Sally Rightor Parks, Tom Gorman, Bennett Barbakow, and Tien Nguyen.

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