#14: Truffles For The Trufelman

#14: Truffles For The Trufelman


About this episode

Richard discovers that Avery Trufelman has never had a truffle, and sets out to fix that, in the high-stakes/low-stakes gastrocomedy poodcast event of the decade!

Richard's Famous Food Podcast is made by Richard Parks III. Avery Trufelman is the creator and host of Articles of Interest and a producer at 99% Invisible. Our theme song is by Bobby Halvorson. Our logo is by James Braithwaite.

Additional music in this episode includes Sonata K.141 in D minor by Domenico Scarlatti, performed on the harpsichord by Jean Rondeau, the synth pattern from "Sicko Mode" by Travis Scott, the traditional Passover song "Dayenu," and a peeklay-fied interpretation of "Handbags and Gladrags," written by Mike d'Abo.

Thanks to the Napa Valley Truffle Festival, the Foodie Chap, Chef Ken Frank, Robert Chang, Suzie of the paper necklace, and to Michael Barbaro.

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