"Revddt Universal Broadcast"

"Revddt Universal Broadcast"

Reverend Daniel D. Tilton

About this podcast

"This podcast is to cause anyone listening, to think and do outside the box...all stories are true and have taken place in my life...you may or may not agree with what you hear and that is okay...so before you judge come walk a day in my shoes....who knows you just might enjoy it.. either that or it will scare the crap right of you"
My podcast will cover a wide range of topics to include: rants on religion, politics, talks on spirituality, OBE's, family crap, health, music, my personal craziness and much much more.. This podcast is edgy & controversial...it is not for the faint of hearts.. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/daniel-tilton/support



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