The Art of (Mis)Communication - with Abbie & Daniélle

The Art of (Mis)Communication - with Abbie & Daniélle

Abbie & Danielle

About this episode

No matter who you are...where you're from...or what you did (*cue BSB chorus now*)- there's a way you communicate with others. People everywhere express their thoughts, feelings and grievances by (but are certainly not limited to) speaking, body language, active listening, texting, and so much more. Abbie & Daniélle even get into a recent disagreement among a group of friends where miscommunication resulted in a lot of things left unsaid. Side tangents (but also completely related to said topic) include: the movie Mean Girls, Gossip, Constructive feedback, Defense mode, Love Languages, the Israel/Hamas war, and even Couples' therapy. There's something for everyone in this one - stay tuned for the #InstagramVsReality to learn why gender stereotypes in dance, especially in the year 2023, have GOT. TO. GO!

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