Dream Big! And Crystal Clear Moments - with Jennifer Jayne

Dream Big! And Crystal Clear Moments - with Jennifer Jayne

Abbie & Danielle

About this episode

Abbie & Daniélle were so inspired chatting with the one and only Jennifer Jayne this week. Her story began in 2011 as a lifestyle blogger, evolving swiftly into a thriving Social Media Management and Virtual Assistance agency by 2014. However, Jennifer arrived at a turning point in 2020, compelling her to transition fully into brand strategy and coaching, helping small business owners and female entrepreneurs crystallize their core values and redefine success on their terms.

With our audience, Jennifer speaks about finding purpose, core values, why the definition of success is a personal decision, and filling up her own cup with crafts and creativity. Jennifer has overcome so much in her life, and her multi passionate (and self described #unfuckwitable ) attitude is so freaking inspiring!

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