Blogging is Not a Dying Art - With Digital Content Creator Julie Lavia

Blogging is Not a Dying Art - With Digital Content Creator Julie Lavia

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Julie Lavia is a Female Empowerment Coach, passionate about helping other women with their online presence through digital content marketing.  She discusses her beginnings in blogging, why being an Introvert is actually her superpower, and all her creative pivots along the way to solo entrepreneurship. she is using her pain to turn into passion and purpose.

In her limited free time, Julie also hosts the She Means Impact podcast, to inspire female entrepreneurs to "Get visible, Increase Impact, Create Content, and Go From Trial to Triumph." she has overcome obstacles that allowed her to start using her voice to speak up and share her story and wants to inspire others to do the same.

Connect with Julie in a number of ways to take advantage of her networking opportunities, blog strategy packages, and other upcoming events!

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