Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

Olamide Dawson & Sam Adedoyin

About this podcast

Our society just like any other is going through a process where people are losing the value of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Many are turning away from the faith, churches and preachers all for the several heresies and substandard wishy-washy messages coming from the pulpit. The scripture that says the whole creation is expecting the manifestation of the Sons of God is becoming apostate as the standard of righteous living has dropped as is evident in the home front, in work places, worship houses and society at large to the point that it is the case of the dog returning back to its vomit. It seems these are the days when the Spirit of God is crying to whosoever has ears to lift up the standard else the battle over souls and nations will be lost. This is the reason for a programme such as this.




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