"Qatra Qatra" Art Exhibition

"Qatra Qatra" Art Exhibition

Fondazione Imago Mundi

About this podcast

"Qatra Qatra/Drop by Drop. Perspectives from Afghanistan" is a contemporary art exhibition organized by Fondazione Imago Mundi at Gallerie delle Prigioni, in Treviso (Italy), from November 25, 2021, until January 9, 2022.

What does the title of the exhibition mean? "Qatra Qatra Darya Mehsha" is an ancient Afghan saying which means "Drop by drop becomes a river": it emphasizes the importance, drop by drop, of giving shape to a river of hope and determination. The exhibition, curated by Aman Mojadidi, gathers works made by 4 women artists of Afghan origin (Kubra Khademi, Hangama Amiri, Rada Akbar, and Lida Abdul) and 1 male Mexican artist (Mario Garcia Torres).

They narrate today's Afghanistan between war and hope, between peace and uncertainty, denouncing and deconstructing the patriarchal culture.

This podcast collects:
- 6 short audio clips where the curator presents the concept of the exhibition and the artistic poetics of the 5 artists on display
- 4 recordings where Elisa Carollo interviews 4 artists: Kubra Khademi, Hangama Amiri, Rada Akbar and Mario Garcia Torres

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