Cultivating Change: Four Levels of Acceptance

Cultivating Change: Four Levels of Acceptance

Clint Armitage

About this episode

Step into a realm of growth with Clint Armitage in this transformative episode of the Radio Coffee House. In "The Four Levels of Transformational Acceptance," Clint takes us on a spiritual excavation, exploring the depths at which we allow God's wisdom to permeate our lives. From surface encounters to cultivated acceptance, Clint dissects the journey of embracing divine wisdom and the life-altering impact it can have.

In this episode, Clint introduces us to the first level, "Surface" acceptance, where wisdom merely skims our consciousness without taking root. He warns of the fleeting nature of such encounters and the necessity of delving deeper to truly benefit from God's teachings. As we progress, we encounter "Shallow" acceptance, where initial enthusiasm meets the rocky ground of minimal commitment, often leading to abandoned personal growth.

The third level, "Noxious/Invasive" acceptance, is where life's worries can ultimately threaten to choke the burgeoning seeds of change. He shares personal anecdotes and biblical insights, encouraging listeners to push past the weeds of doubt and stress that can obstruct our spiritual journey.

Finally, we reach the fertile ground of cultivated acceptance. Here, Clint illustrates how intentional nurturing of God's wisdom can lead to a harvest of personal transformation. He guides us through the process of implementation, from understanding to action, ensuring that the divine knowledge we receive doesn't just excite us momentarily but changes us fundamentally.

Join Clint Armitage for this episode of the Radio Coffee House and embark on a quest for deeper understanding and application of God's transformative wisdom. This is a blueprint for spiritual growth, a call to action, and a promise of the incredible change that awaits when we allow God's word to fully cultivate our hearts and minds. Stay tuned, stay safe, and let God's wisdom flourish within you.


πŸ“‹ Episode Chapters

(00:00) Radio Coffee House episode intro
(00:20) The four levels of transformational acceptance starting with "Surface"
(05:12) Even minimal obstacles can stop transformational information from making any changes
(10:10) You need a fundamental change of thinking to make transformational change
(17:37) God can give you wisdom just by changing your thinking...metanoia
(19:16) Radio Coffee House episode outro


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