Six: With Gently Smiling Jaws

Six: With Gently Smiling Jaws

Jordan Cobb

About this episode

The crew takes a trip through the looking glass...


In this episode of Primordial Deep, With Gently Smiling Jaws:

Dr. Marella Morgan - Jordan Cobb

Aden "Spinner" Davit - Giancarlo Herrera

Captain Clarion Loire - Jesse Inocalla

Lieutenant Commander Talise Asherah - Regina Renee Russell

Matira "Matti" Coburn - Lindsay Zana

Kiran Flint - Kevin K. Gomez

Tiamat's Computer - Jes Washington

Dr. Collin Gharial - Josh Rubino

The Woman - Nadine El Amami

Written, Directed and Produced by Jordan Cobb

Sound Design by Julia Schifini

Take Selection by Chad Ellis

Score by Daryl Banner

Cover Art by Chel Geter


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Content Warning: Primordial Deep is a science fiction adventure thriller with elements of horror, aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. THIS EPISODE contains harsh language, asphyxiation, mentions of death, descriptions of corpses, blood/injury, animal attacks, body horror/gore. Listener discretion is advised.

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