Seven: Crocodile Tears

Seven: Crocodile Tears

Jordan Cobb

About this episode

Secrets resurface from within the wreckage, and everything will change.


In this episode of Primordial Deep, Crocodile Tears:

Dr. Marella Morgan - Jordan Cobb

Aden "Spinner" Davit - Giancarlo Herrera

Captain Clarion Loire - Jesse Inocalla

Lieutenant Commander Talise Asherah - Regina Renee Russell

Matira "Matti" Coburn - Lindsay Zana

Kiran Flint - Kevin K. Gomez

Dr. Collin Gharial - Josh Rubino

Sirena - Nadine El Amami

D.O.C. - Bob Raymonda


Written, Directed and Produced by Jordan Cobb

Sound Design by Julia Schifini

Take Selection by Chad Ellis

Score by Daryl Banner

Cover Art by Chel Geter


I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles performed courtesy of the Public Domain.


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Content Warning: Primordial Deep is a science fiction adventure thriller with elements of horror, aimed at a mature audience, and as such, may contain material that is upsetting or triggering for certain people. THIS EPISODE contains harsh language, gun violence, body horror/gore (characters committing self mutilation/experimentation), torture, animal attacks, character experiencing trauma-induced psychological breakdowns, moments of extreme physical violence, mentions of murder, mentions of bodily fluids/blood/injury, psychological manipulation, references to trauma, animal attacks, and character death. Listener discretion is advised.

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