#Pertjakapan Eps.07: Legally Skilled in Work Field

#Pertjakapan Eps.07: Legally Skilled in Work Field


About this episode

Greetings, ALSAians!

ICT Division in collaboration with Alumni Relation Division of ALSA LC UNAIR proudly present:

"ALSA LC UNAIR Podcast Pertjakapan #7: Legally Skilled in Workfield"

with our special speakers Maria Herminia Sagrado, S.H., M.Kn., LL.M. (Alumni of ALSA LC UNAIR Batch 1995 & Partner at Makarim and Taira S.)

We hope with this podcast, member of ALSA LC UNAIR have a view of the legal skills that will be needed in the work field. In addition, Hopefully this podcast can be a platform for ALSA LC UNAIR's alumni to share their experiences so that ALSA LC UNAIR members having an insight before graduating from faculty of law.

Thank you for your attention.

Together We Build, Together We Learn

ALSA, Always Be One!☝🏼


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