'Perspectives' by Escala Partners

'Perspectives' by Escala Partners

Escala Partners

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‘Perspectives' is a bi-weekly investment podcast brought to you by Escala Partners. In a world cluttered with information, ‘Perspectives’ cuts through the noise to bring you insights and commentary on global financial markets, economics and geopolitical news and events. Hear our most up-to-date views straight from the Escala Investment Committee meeting room and learn how the CIO team incorporate macroeconomic views, central bank thinking and government policy into actionable investment ideas for our clients.

As an economist and seasoned practitioner with both domestic and international investment experience, Escala Partners CIO, Tracey McNaughton, shares her views and observations to help you make sense of today’s investment landscape. Join Tracey, and others at Escala, as they discuss the big issues affecting your investment portfolio and interview industry-leading voices in wealth management. For more information visit: escalapartners.com.au



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