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We are raising children in a whole different world than we were raised due to the advances in technology and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. Pandemic parents and our children need support like never before! One societal “long COVID” symptom of the pandemic is the delayed social-emotional development of our children who were elementary age and younger prior to the start of the pandemic. This symptom will likely not be fully realized until we experience a cohort of children with delayed social-emotional and behavior regulation skills. We can be the generation that disrupts parenting from a discipline-based approach to one emphasizing teaching of social-emotional and behavior regulation skills first.

Welcome to, #parentingtrendsetters, a parenting podcast like no other! I’m your host, Jamie Waldvogel, Founder and Owner of Behave Your Best. Since 2011, we have supported parents with modern-day parenting. #Parentingtrendsetters just like you share their experiences with Behave Your Best’s services, ranging from FREE recorded parent workshops to phone, text, and email support to Zoom coaching, and depending on your location, in-home coaching.


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