Open Sesame - Full picture Voices

Open Sesame - Full picture Voices

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Various audio-files and voices from our sorrounding and closest people, during one of the most insane close quarter conflicts taken place in modern day Europe. Let alone . Sweden......!! Tommy Deogan did not only single-handeldley challenged and even pushed back on radical network, He actually in the same time as he were being heavily targeted, increased democracy turnout within the largest of nogo areas, of the entire fuckng europe now man. Combined by 6 frickin six (!!) whole areas next to each other and all those mother fuckers man are being nogo´ies today man, Fuck sweden, ya really don't have a bats ass about it huh? Yet i heard you whom are talking so damn much about the areas. Would be interesting to know what di you know? You know who we are and what the fuck we are doing here., then...?



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